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What is TuneCycle

TuneCycle is all about closing the circle. One person's trash is another person's treasure. Get yourself a better iPod, or get started with an affordable used iPod.

Don't be fooled by copycats! We are the original iPod swappers, and you send us NOTHING until you receive your new iPod.


TuneCycle provides an upgrade path for customers who want the “latest and greatest Ipod available. We make this transition quick and easy, shipping a new iPod immediately and giving you credit for your old one.

TuneCycle gets customers going with affordable, functional, and guaranteed iPods. Because we guarantee everything we sell, customers can feel comfortable with their purchase.

CASH OR CREDIT FOR BROKEN IPODS: TuneCycle will buy broken or malfunctioning iPods in almost any condition. Value of broken iPods is determined on a case-by-case basis and is affected by a variety of factors, including the nature of the malfunction.

TuneCycle will buy any functional iPod, regardless of its overall condition. Value of functional iPods is determined on a case-by-case basis, and is affected by things such as battery life and exterior condition.
Additional credit is given for functional A/C adapters, sync cables, remote controls, docks, and other basic iPod accessories.

While sellers could sell their iPods via online auctions, the "TuneCycle Advantage" eliminates all the hassles of listing, collecting payment, shipping, and dealing with post-sale issues. In addition, all TuneCycle customers get free technical support from our in-house experts.

TuneCycle recycles! Good parts get used, bad parts get recycled via earth-friendly methods. We help avoid an aggravated toss into the landfill or an Ebay auction with an unhappy ending. TuneCycle helps minimize the improper disposal of electronic components.

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TuneCycle is in no way associated with Apple Computer Inc. Ipod is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Inc. This web-site and its contents, except as otherwise noted, is copyrighted by Bewear Inc. d/b/a TuneCycle and TuneCycle.com. All Rights Reserved

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TuneCycle is the first and most reliable service that was designed to encourage the use of recycled ipods, iphones, and iPads to reduce toxic waste being added to landfills and provide affordable ipods to consumers that are guaranteed functional. If you want to buy an ipod, iphone, or iPad with a warranty but don't think you can afford one, think again! TuneCycle is the place that can get it done. We have ipods below 50 dollars and other cheap ipods. We buys and sell every type of ipod, iphone, and iPad

Everything we sell carries the SafeSwap guarantee. You don't need to take chances on ebay because TuneCycle is here to eliminate the risk when you buy a used ipod, iphone, or iPad. We will give you cash or trade credit for your old ipod, iphone, or iPad.. We will pay you cash or trade credit for your broken ipod, iphone, or iPad too. You can find out what your ipod, iPhone, or iPod is worth quickly and easily. Our online calculator makes it easy to find out your ipod value. We mail payment for used and broken ipods, iphones, and iPads within two days of receiving them.

If you trade an ipod, iPhone, or iPad toward a new one you don't have to send your trade in until you receive your new one. Rely on the professionals who are ipod, iphone, and iPad specialists. If you have been turned down for warranty service and have nowhere to turn, TuneCycle can help you salvage money out of your broken ipod, iPhone, or iPad and get your music going again with an affordable replacement of any type. We will get you money for your broken ipod, iPhone, or iPad.

TueCycle has a high customer satisfaction level and guarantees everything it does. You can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals and will never be scammed. If you are unhappy with your transaction at TuneCycle then you can return your merchandise for a full refund. We also make sure our customers keep the music going with vital accessories such as cables and chargers, fm transmitters that work, home stereo adapters, docks, and other essential ipod, iPhone, and iPad products. Visit www.tunecycle.com for all of your iPod, iPhone, and iPad needs.